If a picture tells a thousand words, how can you be sure they’re communicating the right message about your brand? Are they consistent in terms of messaging with your other content and are they finely tuned to be clearly seen, heard and understood by your target audience? In a marketplace increasingly saturated with images, it’s one thing to make yours stand out, it’s another to make them work effectively for you. Above all, attention to detail is paramount – the one flaw in a shot will invariably shout louder than everything else.

Our approach

Our approach to photography begins at the same place as every other element of a successful PR/Comms strategy – accurate messaging. If a picture tells a thousand words, you can only ensure they’re the right words if you have a deep understanding of what it is you want to say and why. You also have to have a thorough insight into the dynamics of what makes a photograph/image work effectively. For this we draw on our wide range of photographic experience outside the world of commercial photography, primarily live music & event photography, where you often only get one chance to get the “money shot”. We also draw on years of working within the publishing industry and the multitude of dreadful and counterproductive photographs supplied by agencies and contributors alike.

Case Study

Working in collaboration with one of our trusted PR associates, we were asked to create a portfolio of technical shots for a major pharmaceutical product launch we were also handling. The images prepared elsewhere for the client only became available at the 11th hour but were e not consistent in terms of quality and messaging with the press release and associated collateral. Given the fact the product was a pivotal product for the company, it was essential to get it absolutely right. When tasked with achieving this, we had to ensure that we got the shots right first time because we had an immovable deadline and a product shot time and location determined by regulatory restriction. This left just one day to complete the shot, undertake any post processing, secure client approval and prepare to the correct specifications for a variety of media purposes. Needless to say, we successfully completed the project and the press launch as a whole was a success.


Britannia Pharmaceuticals
Exel Computer Systems
Microsoft Business Solutions
Preactor International
Seiki Systems

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