Once the cutting edge preserve of the few, video content has increasingly become the “must have” element in any PR/Comms strategy. The Internet is awash with compelling statistics about the power of video in B2C and B2B marketing, not least that video marketing may well account for 69% of all consumer traffic in 2017. However, while four time as many customers might want to watch a video about a product rather than read about it, how do ensure your “must have” video passes the “must work” test?

Our approach

Unsurprisingly our approach to video begins at the same place as every other element of a successful PR/Comms strategy – the need for accurate messaging. If a video tells a story, you can only ensure it’s the right story if you have a deep understanding of what it is you want to say, who to and why. This is where we compete most effectively against external video agencies because we have the necessary skill sets and experience to ensure your story isn’t just professionally filmed, it’s also accurately communicated. Which means ensuring it seamlessly integrates with all the other elements of your wider PR/Comms strategy, so that your message is clearly seen, heard and understood.

Case Study

Working in collaboration with one of our trusted PR associates, we were approached by a pharmaceutical company about a complex, mission-critical video project. Not only would it require the creation of a full size green screen studio in a multi-purpose conference venue in Germany, we also had very strict time constraints for set-up, tear down and shooting. The actual shoot involved filming no less than 27 ‘talking head’ videos with 9 leading experts in their field who were also busy attending and speaking at a conference. Moreover, we had to shoot an additional number of these in a variety of native languages while liaising with an on-site compliance specialist to validate the content in real-time.

Having successfully completed the technical as well as interpersonal aspects of the video shoot, we then had to edit the footage to create a minimum of 27 individual ‘talking head’ videos featuring often heavily edited content including subtitles and embedded graphics (which we also edited/designed) where relevant. Native green screen versions of each individual video were delivered to the client as well as versions containing a superimposed background in full HD quality as well as a compressed format appropriate for tablets. We were subsequently asked to create a show-reel version in full HD comprised of selected individual videos, complete with amended embedded graphics and content where applicable.


Britannia Pharmaceuticals
Cello Health
Exel Computer Systems
Reckitt Benckiser

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