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When you require an authoritative, persuasive and insightful white paper, how can you be sure you get the right author for the job? Often considered advanced problem-solving guides, white papers present a complex problem and provide an in-depth, educational answer. But how do you know what questions your target audience are asking? And how do you ensure that any answers provided are pitched at the correct technical and awareness level so they are clearly seen, heard and understood?

Our approach

With almost 20 years’ experience in delivering professional B2B communications strategy and collateral, we have a proven approach to white paper development that works for both you and your target audience. Beginning with a clear understanding of what your white paper is intended to achieve within your wider PR/Comms strategy, we work with you to ensure the content and messaging of the document is pitched at exactly the optimal information/understanding level. So, whether you’re discussing a product, a service or a methodology, you can be assured your white paper will be engaging, authoritative, and backed up by reliable and relevant research.

Case Study

Working in collaboration with one of our trusted PR associates, we were tasked with researching and preparing a white paper on a newly developed, high-level business research and development program within very senior Pharma brand consulting. Not only did this involve an understanding of the complex business issues surrounding this area, it necessitated being able to liaise with leading influencers at an in-depth level. Once this information was collated, it then had to be presented in two distinct documents, at considerably different word counts, for two subtly different audiences (UK/EMEA and the US) with appropriately fine-tuned messaging for each. As each white paper was due to be published within a leading B2B publication in each market, we also prepared a specific version for each publication taking due consideration of the appropriate editorial guidelines of each


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Preactor International

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