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When it comes to creating thought leadership content, how can you be sure which thoughts from which leaders will best connect with which audience? How can you then ensure that these remain on-message while dovetailing seamlessly with your wider PR/Comms strategy? After all, it’s one thing communicating information, knowledge and experience that is clearly seen, heard and understood, it’s another doing it in an innovative way that inspires your target audience to act in an intended way.

Our approach

Our approach begins with the recognition that leaders are everywhere within an organisation, not just in the boardroom. They will have solid industry knowledge, a firm grasp of current trends and issues as well as deep insight into the real-world challenges of their target audience. With the ever-increasing proliferation of different media channels, it’s never been easier to connect the right thought leader with the right audience. Get this right and you can create a genuine connection between real people where trusted content can be shared in a common language and be perceived as valuable. With almost two decades of industry experience, we can also help train and develop appropriate thought leaders within your business and even ghost write engaging content on their behalf when required.

Case Study

A leading specialist manufacturing IT solutions provider with an extensive global reseller/partner network became aware of a growing problem of misinformation in the marketplace. Partners from different countries were feeding back that customers were increasingly reticent to invest in the company’s solution because of a series of perceived technical and business process related issues. They needed to be able to convincingly and authoritatively address these concerns. Working with the solutions provider as well as a number of key resellers from different countries, we identified that much of the misinformation was originating from several providers of much larger, fully-integrated business management systems.

We identified the 10 key objections that were being faced and at what level within the affected customer/prospect businesses. Working with the CEO and Technical Director, we placed these in order of importance and create a series of 10 thought leadership articles that clearly and effectively exploded each ‘myth’ being circulated. These were then made available to the entire partner network so that they could be used by the most appropriate thought leader at a regional/country level. To further support this, we secured publication in a key industry title of the entire series of thought leadership articles authored by the CEO which not only seized back the initiative for the client, it also helped diminish the competitive threat. These ‘myth buster’ articles turned out to be so popular that they were subsequently developed into a definitive white paper on the subject.


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