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It’s never been easier for your business to be communicating 24/7, but what you should be saying, who to, why, when, where and ultimately how? With a proliferation of content media and communication channels available, there’s more pressure than ever stand out from the crowd and more opportunities to get it wrong. A diverse program of PR/Comms activities no more constitutes communication success than a random collection of ingredients guarantees a delicious meal. To be clearly seen, heard and understood, you need a communications strategy that is fit for purpose today, and flexible enough to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Our approach

Our approach begins with the recognition that no PR/Comms strategy is an end in itself. It exists solely as a means to the end of helping you achieve your wider business aims and objectives which in turn helps determine the optimal mix of activities, content and communications channels for your unique requirements. At the heart of this is the necessity of appropriate messaging development which involves is owned by the entire business, not just the marketing team. In addition to achieving staff and stakeholder alignment, an effective strategy will deliver a smarter use of resources as well as a way of measuring ongoing success.

Words in Motion has over 18 years’ experience in working with many companies in different sectors to develop PR/Comms strategies that meet a diverse set of aims and objectives. Whether services or products, point solutions or comprehensive enterprise management systems, specialist start-ups, international reseller networks or global brand leaders, we have helped develop and implement demonstrably successful strategies at a national and international level.

Case Study

When Microsoft wanted to establish its fledgling Business Solutions division within the UK manufacturing and engineering sectors, it recognised it needed the help of a specialist agency to develop its PR/Comms strategy. Not only did this involve collaboration on messaging development at a corporate and product level, but continually managing and updating this due to various product acquisitions that added to the Microsoft Business Solutions portfolio. We also assisted with the subsequent development and communication of appropriate messaging and collateral for both existing customers and future prospects as well as a wider business and industry audience. In addition, we also worked closely with Microsoft Business Solutions in the preparation and creation of a diverse range of content including press releases, industry/thought leadership articles, case studies/testimonials, and executive media interview. We achieved consistent media placement for these resulting in regular, quality on-message coverage across a range of key publications.


Britannia Pharmaceuticals
Cello Health
Enterprise Foundation
Exel Computer Systems
Microsoft Business Solutions
PH Associates
Preactor International

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