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In a B2B world with more companies having more things to say and more ways to say it, how do you make sure your news is heard above the noise? And with the growing scourge of fake news, even if what you have to say is clearly see, heard and understood, how do ensure it’s believed? Even if it’s believed, how do you ensure it’s the right news saying the right things about you to elicit the right results? Despite the many pitfalls, press releases remain a vital part of your company’s PR/Comms and content strategy, but how do you succeed where so many fail?

Our approach

When it comes to the world of B2B PR/Comms, just as no news is most certainly not good news, nor is all publicity good publicity. This is why each of the hundreds of press releases we’ve written over the past 18 years begins with asking the clients our most frequently asked question: “So what?”. In our experience, if every news release was subject to just this one question before being distributed, 90+% of them would never be sent. Recognising that press releases play a role in a wider PR/Comms strategy automatically ensures that the question not only gets asked, but answered in a positive way. We’ll then work with you to ensure your release is crafted to comply with any specific structural/content requirements for publication, develop appropriate media/publication lists, and where required, distribute your release targeted editors/journalists in a personalised, non-automated way. For strategically important releases where maximising coverage is a prerequisite, we also offer up a personalised follow-up service where will contact all relevant editors/journalists with a view to selling in your story.

Case Study

A client for whom we’d successfully placed a variety of content in their key media was struggling to generate business win press releases, despite strong sales figures, primarily due to customer confidentiality requirement in a highly competitive market. Recognising this was becoming a potential weakness in their wider PR/Comms strategy, we arranged a brainstorming session with their Sales and Marketing team. The result was the development of a series of ‘milestone’ press releases which featured a key sales achievement, for example, the 200th system installation in the UK or celebrating 10 years of sales growth. Not only did this achieve the aim of keeping the market/media informed on the company’s sales success, it also resulted in creating several feature opportunities for their CEO to comment on the evolving state of the industry.


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