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You know better than anyone the business benefits your product or service can deliver, but who is a future prospect more likely to believe – you or an existing customer? Especially if the happy, satisfied customer in question explained how they faced the same challenges as your prospect, and then how your product/solution helped them overcome those challenges? When it comes to content creation in your wider PR/Comms strategy, few things are as valuable and powerfully persuasive as an on-message case study that is clearly seen, heard and understood.

Our approach

The one thing that unites the hundreds of case studies we have created over the past 18 years is our success at getting a diverse range of customers in differing industries to tell our clients’ stories for them. Whether updating an existing case study, or creating something entirely new, this has only been possible because of our ability to quickly gain a comprehensive understanding of how a business works and the transformative role that our clients’ products and services have played. From the iron foundries of heavy industry, the hi-tech workshops of aerospace and formula one through to the state-of-the-art labs of bio-pharma, we have an unparalleled breadth of real-world industry experience. We also have in-depth understanding of a wide range of manufacturing technology solutions and business methodologies. All of which means we can take the complex challenges you help your customers overcome and clearly communicate how at the required level of detail for your intended target audience. On message, naturally.

We also offer a range of video case study/testimonial services – from simple editing of existing video through to storyboarding, directing, filming, editing including voiceover and subtitles if required.

Case Study

Our ability to understand the world of our clients and their customers means we have at times ended up acting as a successful conduit between the two. When commissioned to research and write a case study for a global software solution provider at a sizeable manufacturing facility, it became clear within minutes of arriving that all was not as well as expected. While clearly impressed with the solution, our customer contact increasing alluded to several areas of dissatisfaction with the client as our site visit continued, to the point they did not want to proceed with the case study. After explaining that while we didn’t work directly for the client, we would happily discuss the situation with the client and pass on their concerns. This we duly did, and It transpired that both the client and customer had consistently misunderstood each other regarding the nature of issue. Because we were able to give a detailed description of the customer’s concerns in a way that the client could understand, it enabled to the client to successfully resolve everything within a matter of days. It also meant the we got an excellent, fully-signed off case study which featured in a variety of industry articles.


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