When it comes to any industry awards, its obvious you’ve got to be “in it to win it”, but for many companies, the more pertinent questions invariably are “which one(s)” and “why bother?” Both are valid given the sheer volume that exist and overtly self-congratulatory nature of many. However, when approached correctly, the right industry award can prove to be a winning addition to your PR/Comms strategy.

Our approach

Our approach is based on the view that you don’t need to ‘win it, to be in it.’ Most relevant industry awards will be highly marketed which means being shortlisted or even simply entering can help with profile raising and improving brand awareness. Where appropriate, we would work with you to generate relevant content surrounding the awards, including using any awards logos or other materials. The application process itself provides an excellent opportunity to revisit your company and product/service messaging as your entry will need to stand out from all the others. We are highly experienced in helping decode application criteria to identify what the judges are really looking for. And, where awards entries involve customer involvement we can again co-ordinate the collation of all relevant materials ensuring message consistency throughout. Naturally we would then look to maximise the PR benefits of the actual awards ceremony (where applicable) as well as the actual results!

Case Study

A number of years ago, a leading publisher took the decision to resurrect and rebrand a once highly revered industry award. A number of our clients were initially and understandably sceptical, but we helped them to see the potential benefits and opportunities of entering, even just at the level of customer relationship building. As momentum developed, thanks in part to the sizeable marketing campaign from the organisers, it became clear that the awards were rapidly becoming a who’s who in the industry. Consequently, entries exceeded the original estimates caused considerable excitement, for the clients involved, and even more so for their customers. And, on the night, each of them were glad to have been “in it” with 3 out of 5 clients winning their category and 2 clients receiving highly commended entries. All 5 however were winners in terms of the positive customer relationship building as well as getting their key messages clearly seen, heard and understood.


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